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Descendents of William Nelson and Martha Susan (Binion) Sparks
Ezra Arnold Sparks (Withrow, Elizabeth (1907 - 1988)) They had seven children: Esther, Ella, Loretta, Lawrence, Robert, Ronald, and Ernest Sparks.
Harlow Sparks(Holbrook, Irene (1913 - 2007)) They lived in Ashland, Kentucky, where they had four children: Betty Irene, Janet Sue, William H., and Mary Ann Sparks. 
Ralph Sparks He never married. He served in the merchant marines and died in Florida in 1983. 
Homer Sparks(Holbrook, Hazel (1917 - )) They had a son, Homer Gene Sparks. 
Sarah Elizabeth Sparks(Johnson, Delmas (1912 - )) They had three sons: Delmas Johnson, Jr., Clyde, and Larry Johnson.
Dorothy Mae Sparks She was married twice. Her first marriage was to William Blair(1915), and they had a son, Donald Blair. Her second marriage was to Earl Gilliam(1915), and they had a daughter, Jo Anne Gilliam. 
Emma Lee Sparks(Augustineak, Joseph (1917 - )). She had one son, Joseph Augustineak, Jr. 
Joe Elwood Sparks(Mary Virginia Snider)  They had two sons and two daughters, Linda Cheryl, Sharon Lynn, Stephen Michael and Donald William.